Reactive programming is a way of coding that I really enjoy, so I wanted to introduce this topic to people who may not know it or people who want to learn more about it.

I had the help of Nicolas to prepare the talk given at Sogeti on 4th of April, 2023, during a JavaScript community event.

Essentially, we wrote a mini-course on what is reactive programming and how to apply it in Angular, and shared it on this GitHub repository.

We also wrote some code in order to do some demonstrations and illustrations, in the same repository under /app folder.

The program of the talk was as follow:

  1. What is reactive programming
  2. Reactive programming in Angular
  3. Is reactive programming mandatory?
  4. Common use cases and examples
  5. Future of reactive programming with signals
  6. Conclusion

Don't forget to check the repository, which includes some additional resources on the topic.