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Don't nest if statements

Why you should avoid else statement in your code.

CSS Container Queries

CSS containment provides a way to isolate parts of a page and declare to the browser these parts are independent from the rest of the page in terms of styles and layout.

Angular & Change Detection Strategies

What is Change Detection in Angular Framework, how is it working, how to control it.

RxJS: Building a simple drag & drop feature

Simple and easy step by step tutorial to build a drag & drop feature, based on observables

RxJS: Common operators with real world examples

Common RxJS operators explained and illustrated with examples

Define default behavior of git push

Defines the action git push should take if no refspec is given on the command line, no refspec is configured in the remote, and no refspec is implied by any of the options given on the command line.

has: a new CSS selector

A new CSS selector which simplifies the styling of your web page.

Angular best practices

git wip: an alias for listing recent branches

Handy alias to know on which branch you were working on.

Angular: strictTemplates option

Review of the different options for template type checking in Angular, and emphasis on the power of strictTemplates option.

Performance of cloning methods

We compare the performance of the 3 methods shown in the previous post: spread operator, JSON.stringify and lodash cloneDeep.

Clone an Object in JavaScript

Why and how cloning an object with a few different methods

Improve performance in your Angular ngFor loops with trackBy

trackBy function allows to tell Angular how to track items in the ngFor directive.

Easy debugging with Angular Ivy APIs

How to debug easily your angular projects with 'ng'.

TypeScript Best Practices

In this post we go through some of the main best practices of TypeScript and what we can do to write a better code.

ESLint Setup for Typescript Project

Step by step guide to configure ESLint into your TypeScript project

console.log({ myVariable })

Quick tip to debug faster

Include multiple themes on your website

Enhance user experience by providing multiple color themes

Dark mode trick

Quick tip to show you how to setup a dark mode using only one CSS property

TypeScript: the unknown type

Definition of TypeScript unknown type and some use cases

What the ??

Comparison between || and ?? operators in JavaScript

Spread Operator

Update object properties using the spread operator: interest and examples

Performance of removing duplicates methods

We compare the performance of the 3 methods shown in the previous post

Remove duplicates from an array

3 methods to easily remove duplicates from an array using JavaScript

Object Destructuring in JavaScript

Presentation of object destructuring, its interest and some examples